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Michelin, Man

Michelin, Man

Citroen SM
Proto “Michelin”
1:18 | $60


OTTO Mobile’s wedgy and muscular Citroen SM Prototype “Michelin” is a great image of a very edgy car – exactly the kind of subject that OTTO does best. This big, resincast (sealed) unit replicates a rolling test bed built circa 1973. With a 340-horsepower 24V V6 and a terminal speed of close to 180 mph, the car gave new meaning to the term “active suspension” because the driver could manually adjust the SM’s hydro-pneumatic four-wheel level- ing system on the hoof, for everything from a knees-up rally stance to a hard lean similar to one witnessed during a motorcycle race. The mustard and ketchup-colored paint is world-class, and beneath it is a crisp body with the kind of angles, blending, and panel lines that only resin can offer. Butyrate glazing makes the most of the car’s airy greenhouse; on display is every nuance of the space-aged dash, gauges, and luxo race seats. Our favorite things – aside from the “make my day” angled tailpipes exiting the Kamm-tailed rear and the meaty rubber at each corner – are the model’s impeccable build and finish. C’est tout bon. Very highly recommended. — Joe Kelly Jr.

Updated: July 23, 2014 — 9:02 AM

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