Eaglemoss Mustang Eleanor 900x250

Mean Mudders

Mean Mudders

 Jada Toys
Big Time 4Wheelin Wave 4
1:64 | $4 each

 Mean Mudders Jada Toys Big Time 4Wheelin Wave 4Jada Toys’ “Big Time 4Wheelin’” series 4 offers a 6-truck lineup that will instigate immediate salivation. The series consists of Jada’s most popular truck and sport utility vehicle castings, including a’57 Chevy Suburban, a ’99 Chevy Silverado “dually”, a 2003 Ford Excursion, a Hummer H2, a ’08 Ford F-350 Super Duty, and the new kid on the street (okay, the dirt), a 2011 Ford F-150 Raptor—a brand-new casting from Jada which puts a fresh face on its previous F-150 mold. Each sits on a raised and moderately detailed chassis, and features an oversized wheel and tire combination.  Every truck in the series includes alloy wheels, rubber tires and an extremely well-proportioned stance. Here’s our stance: grab ’em while you can. —Andy Goodman 


Updated: July 22, 2014 — 12:26 PM

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