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HOT WHEELS Elite Ferrari F2012
1:18 | $120


Ferrari’s F1 program has generated some of the most exciting race cars ever to turn a wheel, and its 58th single-seater – the step- nosed F2012 – is no different. Despite early handling problems, the naturally aspirated V8 cars were fielded with some success by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Hot Wheels Elite sent along this pair of potent-looking (and oddly aromatic) replicas, and each wears the name of its famous driver on its plinth. The models wear all of the racers’ wild wings and foils attached in a dozen or so plastic attachments to their diecast bodies. The markings are a hybrid of tamped-on color fields and decals, and the un-scuffed Pirelli P-Zero tires are set onto convincing OZ wheels, all located outboard of the cars on carbon-fiber look struts and working steering. That last feature is a kick; tweak the front tires, and the steering wheels slide through the gloved hands of the included “Massa” or “Alonso” figures seated in each model’s cockpit. Fine metal antennas and an almost imperceptible metal flake in their paint will wow model collectors; neat box art with the drivers’ photos and signatures will seal the deal for fans of Massa and Alonso. –Joe Kelly Jr. hotwheels-elite.com

Updated: July 22, 2014 — 5:19 PM

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