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Man Cave Alert: Pit Stop Furniture is Here

Man Cave Alert: Pit Stop Furniture is Here

No matter what we call them – “man caves”, “decompression chambers”, or “toy rooms” – those spaces that we build within our homes and offices are where we enjoy our collections, celebrate our passion for the automobile, and share quality time with friends. These rooms and areas are truly special to us.  But up until recently, die-hard car folk were limited as to what kind of furniture they could put inside those spaces.

Not any more. Intro-Tech’s “Pit Stop Furniture” series of chairs, desks, and accessories is taking some popular automotive themes – and more than just a few auto parts – to make a line of comfortable, slick looking units to round out and complement your cave/chamber/toy room.

The race themed office chairs are patterned after the same well-bolstered units you’d find on the starting line, mounted to seemingly race ready bases. The top line  “Formula One” executive chairs are built atop spring-loaded struts with a cross-drilled brake rotor and caliper base; a shift-knob adjuster and coil-over arm rests and tilting seat backs make the seating customizable and comfortable for work or gaming, and the unit rolls on mini “22-inch” five-spoke race wheels.  The straight-backed ” Grand Prix” race chair uses that same adjustable caliper/disc base, and also features adjustments for height and tilt; for guests and additional seating, the “GT Receiver” race chairs are set onto fixed rails that look just like the punched-out frame rails on a racer. Each of the seats features “tire tread” armrests, and comes finished in durable leatherette, in a series of available colors.


The “Racing Style” desk is a riot, too – right to the spoiler-themed document tray. Built atop more of that rail-style metal, the desk features race shocks, braided hose cabling (for what the manufacturer calls “Lateral Control” – how cool is that?), and a selection of clear, red, or gray desktop finishes.

And, because these are real car guys, they also make a pullout desk tray for your keyboard, and a creeper-style computer tower carrier, also on those 5-spoke “22” wheels.  Add in the available diamond-plate chair mat for a total package that will bump up any car-crazy decor. And here’s the kicker – it’s all designed and built right here in the USA.

For specs, and more info, visit the Intro-Tech site; while you’re there, check out their full line of car covers and accessories, as well.

Pit Stop Furniture


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