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The interior is fairly bland, but the dashboard is reasonably well detailed.
Above-price-point quality is evident in the bright, exterior trim. Extra steps were taken to replicate the painted emblems and nameplates.

Engine compartment Open the hood to see where Maisto picked the baton back up and started running again. The Stovebolt Six engine, the mainstay of Chevrolet power until 1953, is accurately represented in color and accessories. The block and valve cover are a deep Chevy Blue (correct for the period) with moderate wiring and hoses. Nice touches are the black sediment bowl and oil-bath air cleaner.

Suspension & undercarriage As usual, Maisto does a very good job of creating scale active suspension movement; the Fleetmaster tires and wheels move smoothly and independently up and down. The front wheels turn with the steering wheel. The flipside of the Fleetmaster is a nothing- special molded unit with moderate detail, with the notable exception of a chrome electrostatic-plated plastic exhaust system. It isn’t that the undercarriage is bad for the price, but the exterior and engine quality fools you into expecting more.

The Fleetmaster Wagon was the pride of the model run before Chevy’s postwar redesign. It took less than 15 years for it to be transformed into a subculture icon. Maisto’s rendition of the factory version is a sure-fire shelf stealer. It is the magic of a woody in a can’t-miss size. An actual 1948 Fleetmaster woody would set you back big these days, but this little number is one of the best values in Maisto’s line. Surf’s up!


Scale: 1:18
Price: $30
Overall length: 12.5 in.
Wheelbase: 7.25 in.
Width: 3.75 in.
Height: 4.25 in.

» Working steering
» Articulated suspension
» Opening hood, front doors

RATINGS (scale of 1-5)
Body, paint 3.5

Wheels, tires 3

Engine 3.5

Chassis 2.5

Interior 2

Presentation 3

Collectibility 3.5

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