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LRP Mercedes-Benz DTM

LRP Mercedes-Benz DTM

Another just-emerging runner from LRP is this Mercedes-Benz C-class AMG DTM – truly a trick sedan, thanks to accurate proportions, a low-slung stance, and the same S10 tub-style chassis used on the Porsche. That tub has a lot of advantages – strength being the principal benefit – and it makes for an adaptable platform that takes RTR (Ready to Run) to its extremes. True, you can take this Merc out of its box and happily romp away on any paved surface, but the real joy is the car’s abilities to grow alongside your own, thanks to a fully adjustable suspension, shocks, and steering. Like the Porsche, the model’s shell  has all the good looks and aggressive styling of the real racer, and comes pre-decorated (as does an available replacement body, sans chassis). The best part is the parts … as in the catalog of available spares and speed-oriented bits this manufacturer has on hand for the more accomplished driver or adventurous beginner. Either way, we thought this one looked great both moving or standing still. – DCX Staff



Updated: May 6, 2014 — 5:14 PM

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