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Lovely Aston

Lovely Aston

SPARK 1959 Mk. III DB2/4
1:43 | $60

Lovely Aston Sparks 1959 MK III DB2/4

The clean lines of the Aston Martin DB2 made the Jaguar XK-150 look positively pudgy whenever they shared the road. The DB2 was introduced in 1950, with the “stretched” DB2/4, featuring two child- size “occasional” rear seats, appearing in ’53. By 1958, the DB2/4 (or DB2-4, both seem to be used) had a smoother body, with the final iteration of the classic Aston Martin grille and 202 horses (up to 267 in competition trim) from its six-cylinder engine. Spark’s new resincast DB2/4 Drophead Coupe is a real beauty. Lines and details are precise from all angles, and the flawless resin body has deep, crisp panel relief. The hand-rubbed dark red paint is equally fine, and it’s set off by plated bumpers, jewel-lensed light bezels, and photo-etched grille, wire wheels, hood trim, windscreen surround, and vent window frames. The tiny Aston wings on the nose are espe- cially well done; if you must have a nit, the relief-cast coachworks badges on the flanks are painted over. Upholstery patterns are accurate, the dash has a full set of detailed instruments and a correct open glove box; the interior handles are chromed, and the wood- grain door sills and black steering wheel are correct, too. – Wayne Moyer diecasm.com

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