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Little Giants of Commercial Aviation

Little Giants of Commercial Aviation

Dragon has an absolutely astounding fleet of airliners modeled in 1:400 for the growing body of commercial aviation enthusiasts. Three of the newest releases are the Boeing 767-300ER flown by New Zealand Airlines, and the AirBus A350-900 and gigantic A380. The latter carries the Singapore Airlines colors the plane was debuted in. This last is the most interesting; the A380’s much anticipated—and much delayed—launch has been the biggest news in the industry for the past two years. Now its out, and to celebrate Dragon makes available this nicely crafted model. Only when you view the A380 next to the other two—which by any other measure are quite large planes—does the sheer scale hit you. It is the largest in the world, with a passenger capacity ranging from 555 to 853, depending on class configuration.


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