Lets Get Small: AFD-Model Announces new “Macro-Micro” line in 1:350

Lets Get Small: AFD-Model Announces new “Macro-Micro” line in 1:350

Like small models? Want to have a collection of a couple hundred cars that could fit into the average hat? Check out this new line from a previously unknown manufacturer going by the name “AFD Models”.

These are brilliant (if a little difficult to see), and if the factory photos and press release are correct, the cars will feature full opening panels, activated by a neodymium magnet that repels the hinged panels and opens the doors, hoods, and trunks when brought within five inches of the models’ bottoms.

Scaling at approximately 1:350, the lineup will be comprised of Ferraris at first; the maker says that negotiations are under way to include other Italian marques, with an eye – a very small eye – on expanding into other collecting areas such as English sports cars and light trucks, any of which would easily fit on the back of a cockroach.

No pricing has been set; company spokesman Wen P. Flei states that the company first has to secure a US distributor. We’ll keep you posted.

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Updated: April 1, 2012 — 10:22 AM
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