Kyosho 1:18 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan: Well-Warmed

Kyosho 1:18 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan: Well-Warmed

Cadillac’s CTS is a solid performer in base, V6 trim; add in the V series’ supercharged 556-horsepower 6.2 liter V8 and hyper-performance bells and whistles, and you have a world-class sedan with “fastest production V8 sedan in the world” cred.

This model of the vaunted V comes via Kyosho, and it follows up the sweet V6 CTS we’ve already seen. Like the real car, this version’s been hit with some heavy tech – of the scale model variety, of course. It sits a scale inch lower (yes, I checked), rolls on larger rims, and has sweet steel mesh in its grille. And everything works, from the suspension and driveshaft to the opening gas filler door. There’s a carpeted interior, with soft-touch seats and a sliding roof panel, and a pull-out trunk floor and spare tire.

I love the raised “V” badging and the high-relief foil appliqués everywhere; the steel brake discs, “V” emblazoned Brembo calipers, and folding side view mirrors were icing on the cake. This pre-pro wears world-spec clear taillights, but the production models sent Stateside sport home market red lensing. Kyosho’s given us what might be the most comprehensively detailed model of a currently available American car ever made. Now – give us the coupe, fellas. We’re waiting., distributed in the US by Minichamps, NA, www/

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Updated: July 5, 2011 — 11:52 AM
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