Kyosho 1:12 Ferrari: Mondo Enzo

Kyosho 1:12 Ferrari: Mondo Enzo

At over a million dollars US, per copy – pre-owned – any of the 400 Ferrari Enzos built to celebrate the life of company founder Enzo Ferrari are rare sights. Some are actually famous in their own right. For example, the very first Enzo, which was detoured from its debut at the 2002 Paris Motor Show to cradle a fresh-from-the-surf, bikini-clad Demi Moore in the film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Or the noble (if not nearly as lucky) final car, number 400, which was auctioned off in 2005 to aid in disaster relief for the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami victims.

It may not have a lovely imprint on its drivers seat, or a well-deserved halo around its headlights, but Kyosho’s 1:12 Ferrari Enzo is certainly impressive enough to anchor a collection, and detailed enough to make it the focus of hours of hands-on fun. Opening doors, hood, and trunk, working visors, steerable wheels and a working pushrod suspension are only the warm-up. The thing’s built and painted up beautifully, with all the heft you’d expect of a diecast-bodied model measuring fifteen inches long. It also has all the under-the-skin fun you might expect of a Kyosho of this size. In the engine compartment, most of the high grade castings around the 6.0 liter, 650-horse V12 have been deco’d in a killer carbon-fiber look and accented with metal, foil, and vinyl pieces; wander north of the bulkhead and you’ll find leather-look seats and more faux fiber for the dash and seat tubs. Pop the trunk via the button under the F1-inspired nose for a look at the soft vinyl Ferrari luggage and removable trunk tray. Even cooler are the take-away wheels, which reveal ceramic-look brake discs and Ferrari calipers, accessed via the included metal lug tool.

If black isn’t your thing, other colors and trims were, and are, available, including movie car red. No sign of a mini Moore, though. Now, that would be something., distributed in the US by Minichamps, NA

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