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Kmart Hot Wheels Event 11.5.11

Kmart Hot Wheels Event 11.5.11

The November 5th Kmart Hot Wheels event went well as usual here in Central New York. We’re quite lucky to have a good group of collectors who really appreciate the opportunity to participate and of course enjoy getting together with the other local collectors.

Our lovely host Agnes is always so pleasant and makes the event go so smoothly. Here you see all 20 of the cases our store got.

Now, we don’t normally get more than 20 collectors at the events so when our number is called, we each get a full case to ourselves. For the cases that are left over, we put our numbers in an empty box and they get pulled for the extra cases. As I said earlier, we have a good group of collectors that come to these events and we all get along and make the event fun.

There were two different case codes, BG & BM. BM had the Ducati Treasure Hunt and the BG case had the red `67 Chevelle without Real Riders. It has black mc5 wheels with red chrome rim.
Both case codes had pretty much the same selection of cars, but there were a few that were in short supply. The `67 Plymouth GTX, `72 Ford Gran Torino and the `68 Nova were the three cars that not everyone was able to get.

There are usually a few good Variations that show up at these events too. At this event one to be looking for was the red metallic `07 Ford Shelby with bright yellow side stripes. Most all of the other Mustangs had the gold side stripes.

There were also the usual color swings along with the pink tint windshield on the AC/Cobra but that was about it. No wheel, base or interior Variations.

After most of the collectors have gone, we put all the remaining cars together on the tables, and look them all over. This allows us to put them side by side and pick up on anything that may be different.

Everyone that was at the event would like to thank Agnes for her patience and pleasantries, and Kmart and Mattel for continuing to bring us collectors these events!

Updated: November 13, 2011 — 2:15 PM

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