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It takes a team to create the unique “Jada look.” Here’s the entire Jada design team with their customized Scion tC show car.
Jada Toys’ line of Chub City characters appeal to a younger group. Chub C is featured here with a Chrysler 300C—an exaggerated version of designer Luis Tanahara’s own car.
The OldSkool line combines classic cars with modern customizations.

Since the early days of Dub City, Jada Toys has developed several other diecast and also remote- control lines. Its current lineup includes about a dozen lines. Chub City—a youth market version of Dub City—is one of Jada’s latest incarnations of the Dub scene. Chub City features vehicles with outlandishly large wheels and a cast of “characters” that live in a virtual city. Chub City has a website where fans can get background information on their favorite characters and download wallpapers, comics and videos.

Jada Toys has expanded beyond the realm of modern vehicles and now produces customized versions of classics, muscle cars and hot rods with its OldSkool, Big Time Muscle and D-Rods lines. Entering this market, which is largely dominated by Johnny Lightning and Hot Wheels, was risky, but Jada thinks it can pull it off. By giving the vehicles what they call the “Jada look,” the company has been able to differentiate its products from the rest of the market. These lines are highly successful and have helped Jada to earn the respect of many traditional diecast collectors, especially those who want something different. “We design and we create a product for car lovers,” says Luis. “Just collect what’s cool,” adds Kevin.

The import market is too hot to ignore, and Jada offers several lines for lovers of even the most obscure imports. Its highly customized Import Racer line has evolved into Option D, which is dedicated to the wildly popular drifting trend. These models feature adjustable camber and popular aftermarket modifications. In a similar vein, Jada’s Initial D line is based on the anime cartoon by the same name about drifting and street racing in Asia.

Jada Toys has some rather unusual lines. Its latest—Donk—debuted at the New York Toy Fair. A Donk is a ’70s or ’80s American sedan (think Chevy Impala and Oldsmobile Cutlass) that’s raised to accommodate wheels that are too large for the wheel wells. The Homie Rollerz line is dedicated to the urban underground theme. The models feature customized designs of vehicles that are popular with the Latino community and include “Homie” characters. Jada Toys’ aspirations are high. Although it now produces diecasts that follow the latest automotive trends, it aims to become one of the main innovators in automobile design. “We want to have the auto industry look to us. We don’t see it as [following] a trend; we see it as what’s next,” says Luis.

Whether you’re into imports, classics, hot rods, Dubs, or any other vehicles, you can be assured that Jada Toys will be at the forefront of whatever does come next—in diecast and beyond.

Updated: June 30, 2011 — 11:22 AM
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