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IXO 1951 Bugatti Type 101 Gangloff Coupe

IXO 1951 Bugatti Type 101 Gangloff Coupe


When Ettore Bugatti passed away in 1947, the creative spirit and driving force of the company died with him. When the long-rumored “new Bugatti” appeared at the 1951 Paris Show, the “Type 101” turned out to be a mildly revised Type 57 chassis with rather uninspired Gangloff bodywork. It even carried a T.57 serial number: 57454. That Paris Show car is the one IXO has chosen to model, and photos show they’ve done it very well. While the body was first built with a higher, more cluttered hood line, IXO has the shape and all the details correct for that Paris Show version, wearing a glossy French Blue to match the car’s current shade. IXO has used hot-printed chrome in all the window moldings and side trim, with plated bumpers, light bezels, and photo-etched wipers and wheels to completely detail their T.101. There’s well-done interior detailing, with silver-printed door hardware; the primary gauges have detailed faces but smaller ones are just painted black. IXO hasn’t missed a thing; even the panel lines for the sunroof are there. This is the first new Type 101 in 25 years — and it was worth the wait. — Wayne Moyer

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