Imperial Force

Imperial Force

American Excellence
1975 Imperial 4-Door
1:43 scale | $95

American Excellence 1975 Imperial  8cc

1975 was the final year for Imperial as a separate line of full-size luxury cars; when the name was re-intro- duced in 1981 it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba-based car. Then, when the name was re-introduced in 1981, it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba- based car. American Excellence has captured the 1975’s slab-side lines and the unique waterfall grille accurately. The light metallic green paint is truly excellent, and the simulated vinyl top has an especially realistic sheen and texture. The small hood ornament is missing, but “Imperial” and “LeBaron” scripts can be read with a magnifying glass. All the photo-etched parts, including the very thin side spear, are applied without a trace of glue. Rolled-down side glass combined with thin, flush-fitting windshield and backlight glass (all done in crystal clear butyrate) make it easy to see inside. Deep plush seats and upholstered door panels with woodgrain and painted relief handles all match photos well. More woodgrain trim on the dash and steering wheel, detailed instruments, and a tiny Imperial badge on the glove box all contribute to a very realistic interior. – Wayne Moyer

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