Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FXX: Special FXX

Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FXX: Special FXX

Given its rarity, the thought of taking a Ferrari Enzo and morphing it into a track-only machine (especially one that you can’t drive unless Ferrari says you can, despite a two-mil plus tip-in) almost seems criminal… until you actually see one of the 30 hyper-exclusive, close-to-800 horsepower FXX Evoluziones built in addition to the already raucous street cars.

Mattel Elite has worked some magic on its 1:18 Enzo mold set and come up with this pair of FXXs; like this maker’s model of the streeter, these competition variants are detail rich and finished off beautifully, with photoetched bits, excellent glazing and lensing, and full access to well wrought interior, engine, and boot detailing. The Elite trim level, parked quite a few bob below the $200.00-plus “Super Elite” version, works well here; unless you’re looking for fuzzy seats, added-on carbon fiber detailing, and a couple pieces of additional photoetch for the extra coin, these play – and display – beautifully, for around a C-note.

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Updated: July 5, 2011 — 11:51 AM

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