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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Enzo “Monza Test”

Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Enzo “Monza Test”


Here’s how you make things happen on a track when you’re Ferrari: first, you design a mythically beautiful road car (like the Enzo). Then, you add a whole lot of outlandish and exclusive goodies to it, to make it scream, and then, you find a place (Monza) and a driver (Andrea Bertolini) to get your ya-yas out in the name of “development.” And, oh, yeah — strip away all the comforts and amenities, and paint it stark raving matte black, just for kicks. That’s pretty much the formula that Ferrari used in ‘03 when it built this hyper-Enzo, and the Hot Wheels Elite model of same is based on the street car mold set that was one of their earlier successes in higher-detail 1:18. It’s been righteously tweaked, and plays Mr. Hyde to the scaled street version’s Dr. Jekyll; if the latter is one of the prettiest pieces on your shelf, this one will look like the road machine’s crazy cousin — the one with the rap sheet and the holding-cell vocabulary. Yes, it’s tough-looking, and with slick tires at all four corners, it’s a touch lower and more stripped down than its tamer counterpart, and comes apart more like a racer, with a removable rear section and clip-on wing. That’s a cool thing, because the 6-liter V12 under that lift-off piece is worth a good long look, with lots of tamped-on surfacing, good paint, and a more than decent level of wiring and plumbing. The interior loses a seat, but gains a roll cage and some race-ready hardware; “taped-over” marker lights, covered headlamps, and a red kill ring up front only add to the Pirelli-tattoo’d car’s overall purposefulness.  — Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:18 | $100

Updated: June 3, 2014 — 2:11 PM

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