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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 458

Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 458

It wasn’t easy for Ferrari to nip the top on its 458 Italia, given the 202mph supercar’s speed, and, oh yeah … where to put the roof in its down position. Maranello’s answer came in the form of a moderate redesign starting aft of the doors, all the way back to the 458’s retro-bullet taillights. The simplicity and speed of the doffable top’s careful choreography as it splits, then disappears below a hard tonneau, is remarkable. It can be argued that Mattel’s own choreography — the dance involved in making ever-better model cars for the masses— is equally notable. This latest from the Hot Wheels Elite catalog has opening doors, deck, and boot, and steerable wheels. Metallized five-spoke wheels front ceramic-look brake discs and Ferrari calipers; their finish contrasts with and enhances the rosso corsa paint, screened-in vents, and the photo-etched cavallinos and “Ferrari” scripts. Everything’s tight and tidy, and the details in the cockpit (the mega-buttoned steering wheel, replete with paddle shifters, is a marvel in miniature) and on the peek-a-boo 562-horse V8 under the rear deck are crisply cast. What’s hard to believe is the excellence of the piece, for the price.  — Joe Kelly, Jr.

 Italia Spider  1:18 | $99


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