Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 458 Italia “Special LM Corse”

Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 458 Italia “Special LM Corse”


Because too much is never enough (and for many of the same reasons stated above), there’s another fast-freak Ferrari out from Hot Wheels Elite – this 458 Italia “Special LM Corse,” deco’d on HWE’s excellent (and frequently reviewed, here) 458 GT2 mold set, and patterned to look like the machine that Rui Aguas, Robert Kauffman and Brian Vickers toodled around Le Mans for AF Corse Waltrip (yep — those Waltrips) in 2012. They finished 31st. Slavered in a slew of great decals and tampos (save for the missing Le Mans markings, thanks to what is surely a giant licensing fee), they’ve done a great job, here; the model’s potent shape is a good host to the wild American flag-based side stripes, and though a couple of the ’cals are a little smallish or too large by a skoshe, there’s little to fault in the overall display. The doors open, of course, and the hood and boot are lift-off panels. The engine cover and boot lid stay in place with the help of magnets — a nice touch — and what’s below those panels is a huge helping of detail, thanks to great castings, impeccable paint, and even a bit of photo-etched hardware here and there. The cockpit is super, too, and its roll cage, fabric-harnessed seat, and labeled electronics all around look to be lifted from a much more expensive piece. The 4.5 liter V8 looks great in all but a direct-down view (it’s a half casting — not a full block), and it sports a lot of cast and flexible hoses, wires, and ducting. Deeply cast wheels, neat (but static) brake discs, and grippy Michelin rubber complete the deal; for around a hundred bucks, we can’t stop recommending any and all of these.
Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:18 | $100

Updated: June 3, 2014 — 2:02 PM

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