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Hot Wheels Elite “Dirty” A-Team Van

Hot Wheels Elite “Dirty” A-Team Van

TV fans are hardcore when it comes to collecting images from a favorite show. Viewers of a certain age will remember the misfit semi-criminal do-gooders in the A-Team series back in the 80s. The show featured an a-list of TV actors, including Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, who drove the team from job to job in his 1983 GMC G-series van. We saw a 1:18 version in the Spring 2012 issue of DCX, and we even had the 1:43 in hand a while ago in all its pristine glory. Now, Hot Wheels Elite is throwing mud — actually, very judiciously applied airbrushing — to the model to create this “dirty” version. The wee truck beneath all the crud is the same highly detailed piece, with every crease of the G-van done in high-grade diecast, with wire antennas, flawless windows, complete lensing, and even a full interior, visible through the sunroof and dirty “glass.” The turbine wheels and tires are crisp and completely filthy. This isn’t just a slap-on job; the quality of the medium used and the technique are actually very good (check out the masking on the windshield to replicate the arc of the wiper blades). Like the other versions we’ve seen, the exhaust is wrong, but that nit aside, this one is filthy fun. — DCX Staff

1:43 | $125


Updated: June 4, 2014 — 11:19 AM

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