Hot Water: ACME’s 1:18 “Southern Speed” 1965 El Camino

Hot Water: ACME’s 1:18 “Southern Speed” 1965 El Camino

ACME “Southern Speed & Marine” 1965 Chevy El Camino

1:18 | $129.95

Those old story-tellers at ACME Trading Company are fielding a new and welcome addition to a brand they first floated during the GMP days: the “Southern Speed & Marine” line. This 1:18 series is right up the Winder, Georgia, company’s alley, and the character-rich releases would be at home in any number of shops, yards, or garages.

This new old rod is built on the excellent Lane Exact Detail 1965 Chevy El Camino mold set, and it picks up right where the last SS&M car – a well-ratted ’32 Ford – left off. The half-primered, half-faded paint looks great, and the overall feel of the car- seen here as a pre-production hand sample wearing “DLVRY” license plates – is a dead-on take on a classic delivery vehicle with stories to tell. The interior is clean, with a black bench seat and a tach, all the better to keep an eye on the wired, piped, and warmed-over 327 under the hood; chassis detailing includes brake and fuel lines and dual exhausts, and the model rolls on well-used wheels with Z16 style wheel covers. Our favorite detail is the bullet holes drilled into the rear gate. Now, that’s a story we’d like to hear. – Joe Kelly, Jr.

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