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Hot Cases: Carry On

Hot Cases: Carry On

So, that pile of Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightnings and Greenlights is getting out of hand? Your M2 machines are roaming willy-nilly (yes, we said “willy-nilly”) all over the house? Consider these well-designed, extremely durable storage/display units from Hot Cases. Able to store up to 90 still-carded cars, or customizable with sponge foam inserts to cradle up to 108 loose models each, these sturdy, stackable polypropylene units come in clear plastic or light-tight black, and feature snap-on lids. Even cooler, a slip-on, zip-up sleeve is available for toting your prides and joys to the next show or club meet (add a few stars if you’re traveling by air – the image on the x-ray monitors when these pass through airport security is pretty cool).

Giggles at the TSA checkpoint may be fun (especially if the agent is a collector – which ours was), but if it’s practicality you’re after, the foam inserts are removable – and that makes the cases a great way to store or transport just about anything safely. Carry on. / 949-922-5724
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