Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled

AUTOART Koenigsegg CCX
1:18 | $205

Hard Boiled AUTOart Koenigsegg CCX

With twin superchargers, 800-plus horsepower, undeniable style, and the kind of exclusivity that only cars in its price class can carry, the mid-engine CCX from Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg (say KER-nig-zegg) can roughhouse with any of the top supercars on the road today. AUTOart’s slick black model of the car is finished off to perfection, and brings all the flair of this real-life dream machine out in scale. The opening panels work flawlessly and align perfectly; pull off the Targa top to reveal a well-replicated, carbon fiber-accented interior, a well-detailed dashboard and center console, and a laundry list of photo-etched parts. The twin-scroll 4.7 V8 and its environs are exquisite too, and the landscape includes a real aluminum suspension with yellow springs, a carbon-fiber intake (which aligns perfectly to the carbon-fiber bonnet scoop it sits beneath), and detailed plumbing throughout. More of the ersatz (but believable) carbon appears on each of the one lug wheels, and the model comes with a COA – as well as a semi-hefty price tag. Fear not. As a member of AUTOart’s “Signature” line, this swoopy super is worth every penny—even if you can’t pronounce the name.—Andy Goodman autoartmodels.com


Updated: July 22, 2014 — 11:46 AM

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