Hail, Victoria: Automodello Sees Red On Their ’38 Packard Twelve

Hail, Victoria: Automodello Sees Red On Their ’38 Packard Twelve

Automodello continues to surprise collectors with new releases of well chosen, beautifully executed model cars. Coming soon is this Chinese Red 1938 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria, based on an actual, mostly original car that’s on display at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The museum car – the full-sized one – purportedly has less than 60,000 original miles, weighs on the order of 5,300 pounds, and is (save for an original-color repaint in 1995) an untouched example of Packard’s $5,320.00 “1127” body, built onto a “1607”- series frame. That pristine condition means that Automodello had an unmolested image from which to get all of their details.

Looking at these advance factory photos, we’d have to say that they got the job done; from the vee’d windshield to the wraparound effect where the front fenders surround the side-mount spares, the model replicates the 175-horsepower Packard very well. We’re loving the whip-thin chrome fender beading and the delicate lensing and chrome trim; the removable convertible up-top and replaceable boot only add to the fun.

This company keeps bringing out top-shelf models. If you’d like one for your top shelf, they’re shipping soon. 499 copies will be made, and the price will be $95.00 through Diecasm and other full-service Automodello dealers.


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