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Grocery Getter or Rally Racer: CSM Mitsubishi EVO 10

Grocery Getter or Rally Racer: CSM Mitsubishi EVO 10

A rally inspired road burner, the Mitsubishi EVO 10 is a sport car packaged inside a compact sedan.  With its aggressive styling and track-tuned turbocharged engine, it’s no wonder why there is such a strong loyalist following behind this family sedan gone rally racer.  CSM did a great job on the US spec diecast version which is offered in either Rally Red or Phantom Black; both finishes come polished to a showroom shine.  Opening the doors reveals a detailed interior with adjustable front seats.  Lift the hood and you will find a well replicated MIVEC Turbo 2.0 engine with proper pluming.  This is a remarkable high quality replica.  If you are a modern day Japanese performance enthusiast you will want to consider welcoming this one to your collection.

Updated: March 13, 2012 — 10:17 AM

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  1. I would love this car in my collection as I really liked the evolution cars is there any chance we would see it sold in Calgary Alberta Canada

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