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GMP’s Deuce is Wild

GMP’s Deuce is Wild


In what is surely to be one of the most sought after models of the year, GMP has announced an exciting new series of 1:18 hot rods to coincide with the 75th anniversary of one of the most influential vehicles of all time: the Vintage Deuce Series. The ’32 Ford revolutionized the auto industry and put Dearborn on the map; a generation later it became the backbone of the hot rod craze. To celebrate, GMP is kicking things off with this fabulous Highboy Roadster. In proper period rod fashion, it sports a Flathead Ford V8 with dual Strombergs under a louvered hood. The fenders are long gone, but a top is provided to cover up the soft-touch interior surfaces and banjo-style wheel if you are so inclined, but why would you be when this roadster looks so cool open? The production on this baby is limited to just 3200. GMP snuck us a few shots of the pattern and also leaked word that a super-limited Tom’s Garage version of just 320 pieces is in the offing. If you’re not a member yet, get over to www.gmpdiecast.com and fix that before you miss out!




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