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GMP Tees

GMP Tees















Tom’s Garage ’56 Chevrolet Tribal Tee, Black

$16.95 short sleeve/$18.95 long sleeve

…ultra koool, patterned after the real GMP street machine!


SHORT sleeve: G0103302M Medium, G0103302L Large, G0103302XL XL, G0103302XXL XXL

LONG sleeve: G0103303M Medium, G0103303L Large, G0103303XL XL, G0103303XXL XXL

***** ***** ***** *****

Evil Twins Tee, White

$16.95 short sleeve

…straight from the hot GMP Street Fighter Series! Extreme Twin Turbo artwork!

G0103304M Medium, G0103304L Large, G0103304XL XL, G0103304XXL XXL

***** ***** ***** *****

Pork Chop 1940 Ford Tee, Black

$16.95 short sleeve

…see the real satin black beauty from Georgia, cruisin’ to a car show near you!

G0104703M Medium, G0104703L Large, G0104703XL XL, G0104703XXL XXL

***** ***** ***** *****

PORK CHOP’S BLOWN COUPE Tee, Black, worn-look image

$16.95 short sleeve/$18.95 long sleeve

… the one and only original, right out of PC’s Chop Shop in Pine Sap, GA

SHORT sleeve:G0104701M Medium, G0104701L Large, G0104701XL XL, G0104701XXL XXL

LONG sleeve:G0104702M Medium, G0104702L Large, G0104702XL XL, G0104702XXL XXL

***** ***** ***** *****


GMP DIECAST 1-800-536-1637

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