GMP is on a roll

GMP is on a roll

Ever notice how a set of wheels can make or break a car’s look? That’s just as true in diecast, which is why GMP’s new parts releases could be the saving grace for your next 1:18 project. Whether its stock, custom street, or full-on race wheels, they have you covered. Chevy Rally and stock Pontiac wheels will finish off your favorite musclecar restoration, while Can Am road racing wheels or one of three Drag Racing wheel sets cover the competition. Five-spoke custom wheels or the Kinesis-branded 5- and 10-spoke sets will get your street machine project ready to roll. If rolling is what you’re trying to avoid, grab a set of GMP’s wheel chocks. For all GMP’s wheel sets, check out the accessories section at


Can Am

Drag Racing 2

Drag Racing 1



Kinesis 5

Kinesis 10


Wheel Chocks

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