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GMP 1932 3-Window Coupe

GMP 1932 3-Window Coupe

HOT RODDING, BY ITS VERY NATURE, was intended to be a raw form of unbridled performance. It was a no-frills, gut-wrenching affair with speed. As the genre grew from the ’50s to the ’70s, rods got more accommodating to everyday driving. In the ’90s and beyond, these machines were transformed into gadget-laden money pits that offered more comfort than a Lexus, not to mention less performance. GMP continues to remember the good ol’ days of hot rodding as it extends its line of Deuce Coupes. The fourth release of GMP’s Rodder’s Journal selections is a real steel 3-Window that is as beastly as a vintage rod could be. The brushed steel exterior is a fender-less machine riding on those famous ’32 Ford rails. Doors are suicide style with shaved handles. The oversize bullet headlights are mounted on the rails next to a Moon fuel tank. Suspension is quick-change rear and a drilled dropped front axle. Wheels are Halibrand style with spinner centers. The interior is basic bench seat with steel fl oors and south of the border tuck-and-roll door panels. The really bitchin’ item is the Tiki gearshift knob. The overwhelming feature of this Deuce is the Ardun head V-8 topped with a compact blower and twin two-barrel carbs. Additional details included plumbed brakes, fuel lines and working steering.



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