GMP 1:18 “Satin ’32”: Good Call

GMP 1:18 “Satin ’32”: Good Call

A mold set that yields, say, ten models is considered a good call in the diecast industry. But one that yields over 20? That takes the meaning of the phrase “good call” to an almost mythic level. Just such a model is GMP’s 1932 Ford, a bit of tooling that’s delivered a veritable fleet of street rods, rats rods, and fanciful machines stuffed – much like the real cars were – with all manner of modern and vintage V8 power. It’s even being made available as a kit, soon.

This go ’round, the car’s been hit with a pinstriped satin paint job on steelies and wide whites, a semi-Rat scheme that works well on this shape – especially since it’s been augmented with real wood trim for the floorboards and a tobacco-colored gut. The car’s rake is just what you’d expect, on classic big ‘n’ littles, and GMP’s done some great stuff with subtle items like the satin toned gas tank mounted ahead of the radiator shell, and the brake lines that follow the steerable wheels. As for that gut, it’s a classic bench seat facing a banjo-spoked steering wheel and painted metal dash, a close-coupled setup that looks great above the real wood veneer flooring. I liked the pedals and the thin, long shifter – details that scale out beautifully and make the rustic cabin all the more inviting.

A clever setup allows for pulling the sides off the louvered hood for a clear look at the flathead Ford and twin Stromberg 97s. The motor’s one of my favorites, and it echoes the 1:6 diecast flathead that this maker sells as a standalone display piece. It’s wired and piped, using cast plastic, flexible vinyl and a few bent steel pieces; more steel makes up the bracing that runs from the firewall to the radiator shell. The trunk is lined with more of that fragrant wood, and the chassis is basic, but beautiful, with a show chrome front end and twin muffs running out the back. Pop on the well-fitted up top for a change of look.

Like the real Deuce, this mold set’s ability to morph into different kinds of customs has made the series a great success – and what makes seeking out any of these little Fords such a good call, all the way around. Highly recommended.


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