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Germany’s Best Bomber

Germany’s Best Bomber

Looking at the military equipment—and aircraft in particular—the Germans employed during World War II, don’t you get the sense that their engineers understood the value of intimidation? So many Allied planes had elegant, flowing lines; Axis stuff looked just plain mean. Take this Junkers Ju88A from Corgi—the cluster of asymmetrical protrusions all over the forward fuselage give it a Frankenstein-esque quality, but bristling with machineguns and loaded with bombs this medium bomber looks more than ready for a fight. And looks aren’t deceiving; this plane was a terror to Soviet troops during the Russian offensive, and ended up being the most effective German bomber of any theater. Corgi’s 1:72 version carries the markings of an A-5 that flew out of Finland in 1941 and ’42. Excellent panel line casting and nice detail on the numerous panes that make up the canopy/turret/nose section really show why Corgi is a leader in this segment.

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