Forward-looking Plymouth

Forward-looking Plymouth

BROOKLIN 1955 Belvedere Convertible
1:43 | $120

Brooklin 1955 Belvedere 4cc

Virgil Exner’s 1955 “Forward Look” styling transformed Plymouth from exceptionally dumpy looking cars to long, sleek, low machines. These cars looked even sleeker when done as con- vertibles and lower when their convertible tops were down. Brooklin usually models meat and potatoes sedans, but this time they’ve done the top-line Plymouth Belvedere Convertible, and they’ve really done it well. The model’s glossy “Seminole Scarlet” paint matches chips perfect- ly, with just traces of orange peel, and there’s lots of separate chrome-plated trim, right down to the delicate side spears that are slightly recessed into the body. That trim was often used to separate eye-grabbing two-toned schemes, but single-color cars like this weren’t unusual. Legible relief-cast Belvedere scripts are painted over and a tiny emblem has been omitted from the doors, but everything else is here. The big news is that this is the first Brooklin model to have separate plated inner door handles, and there are arm rests and correct top bow wells, too. The two-tone dash is correct, although the relief instrument faces are painted over and the inner door panels should be red. Dimensions are right on, and best of all, Brooklin’s rag- top Belvedere just looks right. – Wayne Moyer

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