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Flash and Fantasy: 1:18 Spark’s Dauer Porsche 962 Le Mans

Flash and Fantasy: 1:18 Spark’s Dauer Porsche 962 Le Mans

There isn’t a car guy worth his oil rag who hasn’t had the fantasy of taking a racing machine on the highway. You can come close, if you’re piloting a Dauer 962 Le Mans. These street variants of Porsche’s 962 racers were ultra-playthings for the ultra-wealthy, with composite bodies, proper mufflers, a hydraulic suspension (to meet German ride-height laws), and a leather trimmed, hysterically close-coupled cabin, replete with a/c and a sound system, should you become bored with the 730 horsepower, twin-turbo’d flat six screaming behind you.  Spark’s 1:18 curbside resin model of the Dauer is sharp as a razor, and painted in “move over” yellow. So much about this model is crisp and scale-correct that it’s hard to pick a standout detail; above a piano-smooth finish, the model’s butyrate windshield has a delicate wiper arm perched on it, and offers easy views of the shoulder-to-shoulder seating and neat custom dash. The wheels are sharp, in front of cross-drilled metal disc brakes, and the lensing front and rear is multifaceted and utterly realistic. The angularity and finesse of the car’s shape and build are its biggest attraction, but it’s the model’s overall excellence – and that fantasy – that make it worth owning. Oil rag not included.

Updated: March 10, 2012 — 8:29 AM

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