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Flaming ’57

Flaming ’57

So Real Concepts really reinvented itself in 2006 with the release of its 1:24-scale ’57 Chevy Pickup and Suburban 4x4s. Based on the success of those trucks, the company has expanded the line to include some dressed up versions. First was came the “distressed” look, incorporating dirt and rust to give the trucks a real-world well-worn look. Now we have the flame-job versions. These start with a flat black primer base coat, but add a flame pattern to produce a very authentic ‘Rat Rod’ effect. The flames are nicely executed, with a fine yellow pinstripe haloing the red-orange flames. It is a clean, powerful look that really helps accent the classic lines of the ’57s. These flames won’t burn forever though—like all So Real specials, the production is limited to less than 1000 pieces.

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