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Fives and Nines

Fives and Nines

VITESSE 1955 and 1959 Chevrolets
1:43 | $30


There aren’t too many things more American than a vintage ‘50s Chevy, and the reds, whites, and blues get even deeper if the car in question is a ragtop. Vitesse – a Portuguese company now being directed by Sun Star – offers up these 1955 and 1959 Chevrolet convertibles in their “American Classics” series. The diecast bodies are decorated with an impressive amount of photo-etch, foil, and chromed plastic pieces. Real lensing front and rear, good paint, and authentic colors make the models attrac- tive; a moderate parts count (only some of the chrome trim is painted on) and very decent assembly and finish make them worth spending some time with. One big booboo is the ‘59’s nose-dived front end and overall ride height – not an easy fix, either, as the axles would need to be placed laterally directly through the metal base plate to be in an accurate position (yes, we had the car apart). On the plus side, the overall images are better executed than in past iterations (the ‘59 has been around a while), and not too many models offer black-washed grilles, appliqué badges, and such well turned out interiors for this kind of money. Apple pie, anyone? – Joe Kelly Jr.sunstarmodelcars.com

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