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Fire-breathing Fairlane

Fire-breathing Fairlane

GMP calls this beast the Fairlane Street Machine, but if you ever see anything like this rolling down your street, run back inside and hide under your bed. Starting with its outstanding 1:18 Fairlane casting, GMP has completely reinvented this car, transforming it from a sporty intermediate coupe into a fire-breathing monster that doesn’t just prowl the streets, it consumes them a quartermile at a time. Erupting from the engine bay is a wild 427 SOHC “Cammer” motor treated to one mondo roots-style blower. It retains all of GMP’s trick Fairlane features—roll-up windows, revolving driveshaft, functional suspension—and throws in a pair of racing bucket seats with harnesses, a rollcage and a very cool removable drag shoot that can be replaced with a rear license plate for cruising (heheh… sure, that makes it a normal street car!) The Tungsten Gray Fairlane is a 1250-piece limited edition, so get one while the gettin’s good!

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