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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FF
1:18 | $100

Showroom, Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FF

There’s just no telling what Enzo Ferrari would have had to say about the recently unveiled Ferrari FF, but the car’s four-seat “shooting brake” architecture and four-wheel- drive technology —the “F and F”—are making the tifosi take notice. Hot Wheels Elite has a hand-in-glove relationship with Maranello, and models like this one are sure to keep things cozy. It’s a beauty, with a sharp casting and piano-smooth paint, and it’s been deco’d with foil badging, and a smattering of photo-etch, for the Ferrari horses front and rear and the windshield wiper arms. The model’s got a great balance of sturdiness and delicacy; heavy in hand, but pos- sessed of perfect shut lines for the doors, hood, and deck, it rolls (and well) on outstanding five- spoke rims that front highly detailed, but static, brake discs and calipers. Interior detail, including the boot, is very good, accented by nicely textured seats and photo-etched pedals; under the hood, the V12 is stuffed under a peek-a-boo cover that reveals foil-based airbox decora- tions and high-end plumbing done in soft vinyl. Once again, this maker pulls a rabbit out of its cappello. We think Enzo would approve. —Joe Kelly Jr. hotwheels-elite.com

Updated: July 29, 2014 — 12:22 PM

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