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Minichamps North America isn’t a new company. Nor is Kyosho. What is new is that Minichamps is acquiring the distribution of Kyosho’s entire die-cast line in the U.S. This comes just in time, as Kyosho has a number of cool releases coming down the pike, including the redesigned Shelby Cobra 427S/C (reviewed on page 38). Another marque piece is this 1:12-scale Ferrari F40, which we’ll take a closer look at in a future issue. For now, here’s a taste of one of Kyosho’s flagship pieces. 


That isn’t the only hot news from Minichamps NA. If Ferraris are your thing, check out the exquisite BBR Enzo. This is the one and only prototype in existence as I write, and it’s news for a bunch of reasons. It’s BBR’s first 1:18-scale model, and it was built at the specific request of the Ferrari factory! The leather for its interior comes from the same supplier as that used on the real car! The model is assembled of 258 pieces, and every one looks wonderfully accurate. We hope it’s the first of many 1:18 models from BBR, as this one is a stunner. For more on it and all the new stuff from Kyosho as well as Minichamps’ own brand, check out minichampsna.com. »»»»»»»»  


If you have the Speed channel, chances are you already know that Moto GP is some of the most exciting racing on two wheels. Tamiya knows it, too, and it celebrates the pinnacle of world motorcycle racing with a line of 1:12-scale models from its Masterwork Collection. The latest is a double release of the Camel Pons Team Honda RC211Vs. Ridden by Tohru Ukawa and Max Biaggi, these are two of the best known bikes and riders in the series. The models feature awesome detail of the Honda 5-cylinder racing engines and purpose-built competition suspensions. They offer a great opportunity to get a closer look at amazing machines that relatively few in this country have ever laid eyes on.»»»»»»»»  


Are you ready to rumble? GMP’s Drag Hemi sure looks as if it is. A 1:6-scale replica of a Chrysler 392 Hemi, this is the engine on which professional drag racing was built. From its introduction in 1957, it was the powerplant of choice for pros in every major drag racing class, and it has won more races and championships and set more records than any other engine of the era. This is the latest release in GMP’s engine series, and it’s one serious piece. All of the major components have been cast separately for maximum realism. The pistons have valve reliefs, the heads are mounted on scale-looking studs, and the valve covers can be removed so you can view the fully detailed, shaft-mounted rocker arms. Up top, a precision-cast intake manifold suspends an authentic blower with a functioning belt drive and butterfly valves. The engine comes with its own stand and display case.  

Also in the works from GMP is a new line of ultra-premium, giant-scale models called “Real Art Replicas.” The first in this series will be the Gurney Eagle vintage Grand Prix car shown here in rough preproduction form. We spent about five minutes drooling and snapping pics before the GMP guys got annoyed and took the car away from us. What I can tell you so far is that it’s beautiful and it’s big—we guess 1:8 scale. When I know more, so will you!

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