Elevate Me

Elevate Me

M2 MaChines auto-Lifts release 7
1:64 | $14

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Every now and then, diecast manufacturers get a call from their retailers asking for an early release… something they can have before other mass-market chains. That’s the story behind M2 Machines’Auto-Lift series 7. Keeping the continuity with the series’ first six releases, each blister pack includesthe popular M2 Machines lift and a matched pair of vehicles. Two-fers of the 1968 Firebird 400s, 1967Ford Mustang GTs, and ‘67 Dodge Custom Royal Lancers come in each packet. If you’re an M2 collector,chances are you’re looking for your car keys. Head to Hobby Lobby for these; if the nearest location istoo far to wheel it, hit your other keys—the ones that say “qwerty”—log on and lift off. You won’t wantto miss these. – Andy Goodman

Updated: July 22, 2014 — 3:02 PM

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