Dwarf Cars!

Dwarf Cars!

Cruise2These amazing machines are hand-tooled rather than diecast — and if anything that makes them even more cool. Not to mention the fact that they actually drive! Not remotely mind you. Builder Ernie Adams folds himself into his Dwarf Car creations (which look to be perhaps 3/5th scale) and drives them around — sometimes on the highway!



Ernie’s son built him a miniature museum in Maricopa, AZ to showcase the Dwarf Cars.




Ernie workAstoundingly, the parts are mostly scavenged from scrapyards or fabricated from scratch. Ernie hand makes the bodies out of steel using a lathe or hand-rolling them on a wheel. The workmanship is outstanding!




They don’t seem slow either, and dig the cool sound from the mini Merc in this video. It almost sounds like a flathead V8 on helium!



Updated: July 25, 2014 — 10:46 AM
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