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Double-Duty Duesenberg

Double-Duty Duesenberg

1935 “Mormon Meteor”
1:43 | $290

David Abner “Ab” Jenkins had set many speed records at Bonneville in 1933 and ’34 with a Pierce Arrow,when Duesenberg offered to build him a new “record” car for 1935. With Augie Duesenberg’s help, theDuesenberg Special (never given a factory number) was built and fitted with a slender Herb Newport-designed, two-seat body with a laid-back grille, open-top fenders, and a long tapering tail. In 1935, theDuesenberg Special (now tagged “Mormon Meteor” by the press, in reference to Jenkins’ faith) covered3,523 miles in 24 hours at an airplane-like average speed of 135.5 miles per hour. Tin Wizard’s white metamodel of the car shows it as it appeared after its 2007 Pebble Beach-winning rebuild. The shape and everdetail of this hand-built beauty are exactly right; its cream paint is flawless and everything from the grilleand fender trim to the handles and hubcaps are chrome-plated pieces (and some references show thebig “DUESENBERG” signage on the hood should be, as well). Ab’s name, the windshield wipers, and the“Duesenbird” mascot are photo-etched; the seats and inner panels are painted red, while the black dash ifilled with detailed instruments. All the pedals and shift and brake levers are here; the sight of those grips,steps and controls, as well as the nigh-on-magical assembly and scale fidelity, has us thinking Tin Wizardis very aptly named. —Wayne Moyer

Double Duty Duesenberg Tin Wizards 1935 Mormon Meteor


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