Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Do you collect a particular scale of diecast, or does your collection consist of a range of scales? When searching out your next purchase, does the availability of that wanted car in your scale – or not – play a role in your decision to pony up the bucks? We want to hear from you! Tell us: what scale do you collect?

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  1. Although 1/18 is the main focus of my collection I am always looking at offerings in other scales. Personally I would like to see the 1/32 scale expand with higher detailed offerings in a wider subject matter. I think it’s a perfect scale that would allow a smaller price point yet still offer greater detail. Most models that are being offered in 1/43 scale don’t include opening doors, hoods or trunks which is a very important feature for me. To date I have no resin models in my collection but am not opposed to that material.

    1. Yes the 1:32 scale is a very nice size to work with and just recently there has been a lot more models showing up in that scale, lets hope they keep coming. The details on some of these are starting to look good.

    2. 1:18 scale is my thing and has been for over 17 years. From time to time I see something in 1:24 scale that piques my interest but if I end up buying, which is seldom, I sell it off quickly. In my opinion mixing scales just does not display well. 1:18 scale displays well and as the old peepers are not what they used to be in my youth, anything less than 1:18 detail still appears crisp. Primarily I collect cars made by companies like GMP/Acme, Auto World (Authintic Line) and others that have small details best appreciated in a larger scale like 1:18. Again all this is my opinion based on personal “preference” which I still believe is allowable in our country.

      1. Opps, I made a booooobooo, line above should have read, anything less than 1:18 scale “does not appear crisp”.

  2. I collect 1/18th scale of every reasonably priced model.

  3. I have collected1/24 scale diecast replicas all my life. (I focus on 1940 -1970 classic American cars, but also have quite a few earlier, later, and foreign models.) Seems as though the number of 1/24 scale product sources is shrinking. Any ideas on where to find the best available? For the rare find, I don’t mind spending a few bucks. Meanwhile, I guess I had better take even better care of my collection for posterity.

  4. i collect all scales, but only because i can’t find all the cars l want in 1/24 or 1/43. The 1/18 take up to much space, if i could i would only collect 1/43

    When you get to 1/18 you can get almost any car i would like to have but i have stopped buying the 1/18.

  5. Yes to me size does matter. My collection consist of 1/24 and 1/18 vehicles with about 100 1/64 scales . But my main goal is to collect a vast amout of 1/24 scale vehicles. 1/24 scale cars just do it for me. Since I was 5yrs old my Dad started me off with a 1/24 1966 Malibu stationwagon model kitt by Monogram . I’ve been hooked every since then.

  6. I collect Detroit Iron from the Mid-Thirties to the Mid-Sixties; say “Airflow to Mustang”. I Like the luxo-barges and Virgil Exner’s work for Mopar 1955-61 in particular, but I’ll always make room for any Cadillac convertible or something exceptional like my Adenaur Mercedes in 1/24. I prefer 1/24 and 1/18 for the detail and working features they allow, but a great model from M2 machines or Johnny Lightning is always a “no-brainer”. I shy away from 1/43 like Brooklin because I don’t see enough “Bang for the buck”, although I do realize that they are handmade. I have a 1/12 scale 57 Chevy from DM. I love it. I recently purchased a 1/43 ’56 Imperial Parade Phaeton. It cost $350 but it is one of my all-time favorite cars, and so, I bit the bullet and splurged for it. I too wonder what is going on in China? Franklin Mint is out of the diecast car biz, Danbury Mint is back-ordered and no new castings! Only Sun Star seems to be forging ahead with better looking models than ever. I don’t mind paying a little more for more and better detail. If Sun Star ever decides to build a 1957 Imperial Crown Convertible, I will order one immediately.

  7. Yes, it does matter for several reasons. On the plus side details and options that are on 1:18 scale diecasts simply cannot be offered on smaller scales. I do not know of a single diecast collector who would not love to have a room full of 1:18 scale models. On the negative side the reason that smaller scale diecasts do so well is because the amount of room required to collect and display your collection is huge for these larger scales are not to mention the cost of purchasing them and displaying them.
    My collection is just slightly over 7,000 diecasts of which 359 of them are 1:18 scale. I love this scale because of what they offer in detail but I also had to devote an entire room in my home for them. The remaining 6,700 + diecasts are of smaller scale. I collect the higher quality small scale stuff like the Real Riders Hot Wheels or Lesney years Matchbox or Greenlight Collectibles. My 1:64 scale collection is some of the more limited harder to find diecasts.
    If money and space were not an issue ever, what diecast collector would not want to collect the larger scales!!

  8. Most of my collection is 1:24 and 1:25.
    Sometimes I am “forced” to buy other of scales due to the fact that nobody builds certain cars in 1:24.
    I love diecast X magazine and the only reason why I never renewed my subscription is the fact that you just ignore/avoid writing anything about 1:24th cars.
    From reading the comments on this blog, I really think you are missing a huge amount of potential readers by ignoring the best scale of all.

    1. Fast Cobra
      I have more 1:18 late fifty’s to early 70’s than I care to keep. Mustang/Hi-po Fords and Shelby anything I will keep.

      I too mostly enjoy 1:24 & 1:25, getting harder to find. Retired and what something easier to present. I believe the 1:24/25 is better.

  9. 1:18th almost exclusively. I love the amount of detail that can be packed into one of these beauties. Currently have about 120 or so, though I haven’t bought one in at least 5 years (being unemployed for 3 of those years will do that).

    My tastes run mostly to American replicas, though I have a healthy love of foreign makes, too. I much prefer stock or stock-appearing (ie., no racing livery), though I do have a few un-liveried racing examples. I guess if it’s a cool car, it’s in.

    They take up a bit of space, but my wife appreciates my passion and has given the green light for a new purchase as soon as the funds allow. (“Honey, that card is paid down enough now, don’t you think?!”)

  10. 1:64 has always been my main interest – but I have learned over the years that some manufacturers issue their models in 1:72 up to !:55
    which can occasionally be considered to fit into or close to the all encompassing scale category of 1:64 or about 3 inches in length

  11. I have approximately 600 models in all scales with 1/24 and 1/32 being predominate. I have only 1 1/12 model as it is so massive and I have copies in smaller scales. I like 1/18 and 1/43, but one seems too big and the other too small to see all the details. 1/18 scale may be nice on the outside, but often lack the details I have come to love int 1/24 scale.. I have models all the way down to 1/87 scale. I try to collect mostly American cars with some European and Asian models. I like trucks as much as cars, in fact my first model was a 1953 3100 1/2 ton Chevrolet like my father drove at work. I tend to collect models that I have either owned or family and friends have or do own..

  12. 1:18 is all I “collect” although I do purchase other scales now and then, usually if it is a car I used to or currently own.

  13. Don’t Have room for 1/18 + collect mainly 1/24 stock classic 40’s to early 60’s loved the 50’s

  14. 1/64 Do to space mostly

  15. KC

    I have a very large collection of 1/18 scale pickups , and a good size collection of 1/24 scale trucks, I have a custom show truck that has won many awards so pickups are my thing all of my 1/18 scale trucks are on display in my garage, as well as my 1/24 scale so when i am working on my truck i can really enjoy seeing this collection, i just started purchasing 1/64 scale pickups and will continue to do so it amazes me how detailed they are.

  16. Wow thanks for the feedback everyone – I started out by collecting exclusively 1:64th, 1:32nd and 1:24th – and have since expanded to include 1:18th and even a few 1:12th vehicles have made their way into my collection. Personally I go after the cars I want in the larger scales but in the smaller scales I usually complete the sets or waves even if there are vehicle sin the group I am not the fondest of – Andy

  17. I started with 1:18, but as model prices have increased and my available space has decreased, I’ve found myself looking more frequently to 1:43 scale as a practical matter. My collection includes a number of 1:24 “precision mint” cars as well. However, subject matter trumps scale for me. I have models from 1:12, down through 1:43, and even some 1:64; though I don’t seriously pursue that scale as it’s just too vast a field for me!

  18. i have colected everything from matchbox to 1/4 scale. most of my car colection is diecast in 1:18 scale diecast since 1996. older eyes seem to aprieciate the larger scales. i also like to customize some of them. quite a challenge at times.

  19. I’ve only been collecting 1/64 scale but I do have a few 1:53.

    I just collect semi trucks and trailers for now and that size looks very good to me.

  20. With the very rare exception, I only collect 1/18th scale race cars. Sadly, because of the dearth of options in that scale of the particular types of cars I prefer – Can-Am, classic, F1, World Endurance Championship, the odd USAC/CART/NASCAR model – I have to pay premium prices for out-of-production and high-quality issues, but that scale is the one that satisfies my needs for quality and specdific model.

    By the way, my rare exception was a 1/10th Exoto Ford GT40 Mk. II – that diecast brand makes up more of my collection than any other manufacturer.

  21. Size does matter, to met at least. The vast majority of my collections is 1:25 scale pickup trucks. I do have some vehicles that are of other scales but I am very judicious in my purchase of them.

  22. I have been collecting models for over 60 years now. My first were cars my father brought home from the dealers at the end of the model year. I have continued to collect these 1/24th scales to the present. While the 1/18th scale are nice I would have to add on a couple of rooms to house my 5500 plus models if they were all the larger scale. The smaller ones are great toys and have amazing detail for their size, but it is a little late in life for me to start collecting the little ones. So I am on my way to 6000, if the manufacturers are good enough to keep making them.

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