Die Cast X TV LIVE Chat Debut show

Die Cast X TV LIVE Chat Debut show

If you missed the premiere of the Die Cast X TV LIVE chat which aired September 18, you can still catch the excitement here! Hosted by Joe Kelly and featuring Mat Long of Acme Trading, and Sean Taylor of M2 Machines – both of these guys brought some outrageous first looks and shared some inside information about upcoming releases on the show. You won’t want to miss it!

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Updated: October 19, 2012 — 11:45 AM


  1. Great to see you back!
    Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, and the subject matter and guests made it a fast-moving and informative show. I’d like to suggest picking up on the timing of the Car Room Show. Perhaps 2 x a month so we can have some Saturday evenings for the family :-). Let’s have Mark Fothergill on sometime! Replicarz doing a fine job with their Indy line, and who knows what else will be showing up! Glad to see Acme / GMP back. Would like to hear / learn more about Minichamps and Spark, as well as TSM. Got to go, but look forward to more from you! Thanks Joe! Good job! Welcome back!

  2. Hello, Paul!

    Thanks a lot – you made my day! We’re gearing up for a long run with the show, and plans are being made in the offices of Air Age Media to make the show a regularly scheduled event. We’ll probably be keeping the Tuesday 8PM time slot, as Saturday is family time for a lot of collectors.

    We’re getting the next show ready – a few tweaks to the production and appearance, as well as a great list of guests. We’ll be posting the time and date of the next show very soon.

    Thanks for watching!

  3. Joe – really enjoyed the show – Sean is a great guest, M2 is the bench mark for 1:64 scale. They do make some truly nice castings with unbelivable detail for the price point. Look forward to the next show with Mike Z. Hope you have Sean again soon – keep the great shows coming – Mike C

    1. Hi, Mike –

      Thanks a lot! We’re working on a lot of tweaks behind the scenes to make the show better, so keep telling us what you like, and we’ll keep trying. Thanks for watching!

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