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Diecast reviews: Kyosho Ousia McLaren 675LT

Diecast reviews: Kyosho Ousia McLaren 675LT

McLaren model evolution moves almost as quickly as the cars themselves do. These days, McLaren divvies up its models into three categories: the Sport Series, Super Series, and Ultimate Series. The car you see here—just released as part of Kyosho’s sealed (but diecast metal) body Ousia series—is based, like all models in the Sport and Super categories, on an evolution of the MP4-12C carbon-fiber chassis and powertrain that was introduced in 2011. Thankfully, McLaren soon got away from that obscure name and, as it began developing a multitiered product line, renamed each car based on its power/performance. Hence, we get the designation “675LT,” which wrings 675 Euro-horsepower (666 U.S.-spec ponies) out of its twin turbo 3.8L V-8. The “LT” stands for “long tail” (an obvious callback to the 1990s-era all-conquering McLaren F1 supercar), an aerodynamic feature that produces an astonishing 40 percent more rear downforce than lesser models. The 675LT was introduced in 2016 as the top rung of the Super Series—and will likely be the final iteration of the 12C platform, as the all-new 720S introduces a new chassis tub and engine for 2017. Kyosho also offers the 675LT in white, but it is this classic McLaren Orange that is the most fitting send-off to the car that returned McLaren to the supercar world!;

1:18 | $100

Diecast Reviews: Kyosho Ousia McLaren 675LT

Updated: January 10, 2018 — 4:49 PM

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