Diecast Delight – Clean Sweep

Diecast Delight – Clean Sweep

A lot of guys have been asking me about polishing their pride and joy models, and there have been a lot of products that have come through here. First we tried some off-the-shelf car polishes and waxes – which did a pretty thorough job of toasting the comparatively fragile paint on the models. Then, a couple years ago, Meguiar’s did a detailing kit at the behest of GMP, and that offered a bunch of specifically-numbered, specially chosen polishes, waxes, and spray detailers, as well as a brace of brushes for the deep crannies. It was a great kit, complete with white gloves, but once the stuff in the little bottles and tubes was gone, it took a trip to the local mega-car parts store to get refills – in full sized, “real car” containers, of course.

That’s not a bad thing if you’re nannying a titanic collection, but it’s a drag to spend the money on specialty products if you’re simply looking to keep the average collection dust free and sparkling. That’s why I’m liking this new product from GoMotorBids.com so much. They call it “Diecast Delight” – and I have to agree.

At around $3.99 per bottle, you get a product that mists on and wipes off clean – no streaks and no abrasives – and it smells good, to boot. The application is simple: spray it into a microfiber cloth just enough to dampen the fibers, then wipe it onto the car and buff. Be careful of photoetched parts and detail bits, of course, and don’t even think of spraying the stuff directly onto any model – you’ll be wasting the wax, and potentially soaking some of the delicate adhesives giving those badges and trim bits their cling. If things are tight, use a pointed cotton swab, available in the makeup section of any pharmacy.

I like the results. There’s a lot of wax in the bottle – you can see it settled in the solution if the bottle’s been sitting – so, you’ll have to shake it before use. But the cleans-as-it-shines simplicity goes a long way, and spending a little quality time shining up those dusty cars will make you remember why you liked them so much to begin with.

All in all, great stuff. Available from GoMotorBids.com.

Updated: July 5, 2011 — 11:54 AM
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