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Essential Protection: Diecast Crib Modular Storage System

Essential Protection: Diecast Crib Modular Storage System

Scale: 1:64 (x63) | $60

It’s the eternal struggle every diecast collector goes through. On one side is the need to store your prized collection safely and in a space-efficient manner. On the other is the desire to keep them organized and easily accessible so that you can actually enjoy the collection you spent so much time and (let’s face it) money collecting. Because if you can’t find or reach a particular car when you want it, what’s the point in owning it? This can be a particular challenge with 1:64 cars because of the sheer numbers and the lack of storage options that meet the all the criteria. And that’s where the Diecast Crib system comes in.

On the surface the idea is pretty simple: a drawer set optimized for 1:64-size diecast. But it’s the little details and features that make this set so surprisingly useful. Each drawer measures roughly 12 inches square and holds 21 cars (7 across by 3 deep) and one “crib” comprises a set of three drawers plus a top panel. That’s 63 cars in a cube roughly 12x12x9 inches. And the top and bottom panels have key-matched tabs so multiple cribs can be stacked securely for additional storage.

Space-efficient: check!

The drawers are clear polycarbonate and sit in a rigid plastic frame which is surprisingly tough. Each drawer uses a grid of plasticized paperboard to create the individual car bays. That material has a couple of advantages: it has a bit of flex which creates a “cushioning” effect for the cars, and it is extremely smooth, helping to protect the finish of each car. We wouldn’t mind seeing some adhesive padding offered as an option to hold shorter wheelbase cars a bit more firmly, but a quick trip to the craft section at your local big-box store will let you DIY that as needed.

Safe storage: check!

As mentioned, the drawers are clear polycarbonate and each drawer face is double-layered. As delivered, the crib has decorative logo card sandwiched between the layers, but that can easily be swapped with a label card listing the contents of the drawer.

Organized: check!

But the single best feature of the crib are drawers that, when fully extended, pitch downward to allow you to fully see—and reach—even the back row with ease, something that most drawer-type storage does not permit.

Easy access: check!

One word on safety: open drawers one at a time and make sure the lower drawers are weighted before you open a fully loaded top drawer all the way. The weight shift can tip the crib with a full top drawer if the lower drawers are empty.

There is much to be said for a simple but well thought out product, and the Diecast Crib is that. It isn’t flashy to look at, but it does exactly what it’s designed to do, and does it well thanks to quality materials and clever little design touches. At $60 it’s not as cheap as generic storage, but it works a lot better and—if you think about it—is a dollar a car all that much to ask for optimized forever-storage of your prized 1:64 cars? We certainly don’t think so—this crib already has a permanent spot in the Die Cast X editorial offices!









Updated: March 4, 2019 — 11:05 AM

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