DCX Collectors Expo VIDEO: Author/Collector/Enthusiast Kevin Peron

DCX Collectors Expo VIDEO: Author/Collector/Enthusiast Kevin Peron

While it’s always fun to talk to manufacturers, and we’re always happy to hear the latest from designers, retailers, and other players on the inside of the hobby, there’s nothing like talking to a collector. These are the guys who put the money on the barrel… voting with their wallets and speaking out about what the hobby means to them now, and for the future.

We got the chance to catch up with an old friend, Kevin Peron, and this interview-slash-conversation, shot at the DCX booth during the RCX / DCX Collectors Expo, shows Kevin’s knowledge of where things once were, and an insight into where Kevin thinks – and hopes – they’re going.

Grab a beverage. As an author, modder, and consummate collector, Kevin’s take on things comes across unedited, unabashed – and absolutely on target.

You can catch more of Kevin on the “Diecast Pub”, under his handle, “piranha” , at www.diecastpub.com


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