Das Zoot: Minichamps 1:43 Mercedes Streamliner

Das Zoot: Minichamps 1:43 Mercedes Streamliner

Minichamps 1938 Mercedes-Benz “Rekordwagen”  1:43 | $72.00 

The Mercedes-Benz W-125 “Rekordwagen” epitomized streamlining when it first saw the light of day in late 1937, and in early 1938 the incredibly swoopy one-off machine set a world record for top speed on a public road – a heart-stopping 268 miles per hour, a record that it still holds today. Not too shabby. Neither is the Minichamps model of the car as it appeared that day in January 1938, with Rudy Caricciola at the wheel. The diecast body is smooth and beautifully painted, and the model’s stance on thin, hardly visible tires is right on; the resolution of the casting is remarkable for metal, and it includes neatly engraved lines for the wheel spats and the access hatches above the car’s radiator and twin-supercharged 750-horse V12. Our favorite feature is the incredibly comprehensive cockpit below the clear windscreen: replete with a 3/4 steering wheel, leather-look seat, gauges, and even a wee shifter, all the details crammed into the stromliner’s gut had us at full squint in record time. – Joe Kelly, Jr.


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  1. Got your mag today and enjoyed it very much – like every issue. But as one of “ze german readers” I wonder what is the “zoot”?

    The word “zoot” is not existing in german language at all!

    But in every other aspect: Go on with your great work on the mag!

    1. Ha! Thanks!

      We were just having some fun with the title. “Zoot” is a slang word that can be used to describe everything from a sharp mens’ suit (actually called a “zoot suit” back in the ‘forties) to the sound and feeling of great speed – as we used it to describe the Mercedes Rekordwagen… almost like “zoom”.

      Thanks for reading DCX, and for the kind words!

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