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Dark Horse Favorite

Dark Horse Favorite

Show up at a local drag strip anywhere in the country to check out what the local grassroots-level racers are running, and chances are you’ll see the pit area flooded with late-model 5-liter Mustangs. The good old “5.0” is by far the favorite among amateur strip-warriors on a budget, and that makes it an ideal candidate for diecast. GMP has done a number of 80’s and 90’s Mustangs, but few have the visceral impact of the 1985 Dark Horse LX. Starting with a lightweight notchback body, GMP stuffs a carbureted 347 stroker under the power bulge hood. In the trunk sits a nitrous bottle ready to deliver a 150-shot when the green light pops up on the Christmas tree. Drag Star wheels with fat slicks in back and skinnies in front give it the right race-ready look, and an 8-point rollcage, racing harnesses, and a jumbo racing tach look all-business in the interior.

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