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Dan’s Last Riverside Winner

Dan’s Last Riverside Winner

Spark 1968 NASCAR Dan Gurney
Ford Torino
1:43 | $75

Dan Gurney was so dominant in the NASCAR Motor Trend 500 race at Riverside Raceway that it became known as the “Gurney 500.” Driving a Wood Brothers Ford, Dan won 5 of the 6 races between 1963 and 1968; the last at the wheel of a 1968 Ford Torino. Spark’s series of NASCAR winners now includes this fine resin model of Dan’s ’68 winner. Like the others in this series, it looks, in photos, like the old Starter model. It is not! Panel lines are crisp and clean and the fastback shape is right from any angle. Ž The white and very dark blue paint are excellent; the gold numbers appear to be foil while all the rest of the accurate and complete graphics are carefully applied decals with a clear gloss top coat over everything. Bumpers and door handles (still required in ’68) are chrome-plated while quarter window frames are photoetched. The accurate roll cage bars may be plastic; they’re too thin, uniform, and flash free to be resin unless someone did a lot of cleanup work. Ž There’s a lot more interior detail than the Starter model, all of which matches photos very well. For collectors who missed the Golden Age of Starter models, or simply want a better one, Spark has it. Wild About Wheels supplied this very accurate sample.—Wayne Moyer

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